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Leading israeli flower exporters - Gamla Flowers

Israel Flowers exporters -  Gamla Flowers is a experienced & dynamic company,
located in Moshav Mishmeret exporting cut flowers and foliage. 

The company is managed by  Chemi Carmi, former owner of Sabra Flowers.

We are looking for reliable customers who buy on a weekly base from a wide range
of cut flowers fillers & foliage.

Gamla Flowers is connected to a wide range of flower growers.

We at Gamla Flowers always put the customer's needs at first place, we will do everything to
make our customers happy with outstanding service, products and prices.

we look forward in providing you with the best israeli flowers exporters services to our wide 
and diverse range of products, Looking forward to hear from you.

Gamla Flowers - Israeli Flower exporters of Cut Flowers Fillers & Foliage

Lisi-Double-Apricot Lisi-Double-B-c--Blue Lisi-Double-White Lisi--Pink-Picolo Lisi-Double-Champagne-(1) Lisi-Double-Purple pink pink2 white garbera-flowers-israel
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