Peonies from Israel

Peonies Flowers from Israel by Gamla Flowers

We at Gamla Flowers provide professional services of exporting Israeli
Flowers that include centralized services for local flower growers
This allows us to provide you with many kind of flowers Fillers & Foliage  plants.

As a Young fast growing company we are able to provide lean and
Efficient shipping services that help us and you the importer, to cut
Logistics costs and provide you with top quality products with very fast time
To market and take all actions in order to bring you to the front stage
In your local market in providing top quality flowers.

in our logistics center we hold all of our sorting packing storing refrigerating
shipping and all our marketing needs, this action in centralized management
also allows us to be in full control of product quality and QC before shipping
to abroad destinations.
We provide Peonies Flowers by Working with top quality are carriers is another
step that we make sure that 
Meets our standards at all time in order to make sure
that nothing goes wrong 
In the delivery process in providing you with the best shipping
services to our 
Top quality Israel export  flowers.

Peonies from Israel

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