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Gamla Flowers - Cut Flowers from israel - wide variety Of Fillers & Foliage

One of our main focus is providing flowers from israel to all markes globally,
we provide Israel Flowers grown in Israel and shipped from Israel.

we provide a very efficiant time to market to all of our products and cut flowers
Fillers & foliage that are grown here in israel.

Our Headquarters Located in Central israel handle large quantities of cut flowers 
sorting and marketing directly from our growers from all over the country.
this allows us to provide you with a wide variety of cut flowers for each special season
with daily inventory and quality checkups that guaranty you stock of brand you need
quality that we assure.

As A top israel flower exporters We handle a wide variety of flower export from Israel to
most parts of the world.

Our main focus are cut flowers and foliage the are handled boxes and shipped
From our business and operation offices located at Mishmeret in center of Israel.

Our company is privately owned and managed there for we are committed to  
Provide the very best flowers and foliage with only the best customer support.

Gamla flowers provide Logistics services for many local flower providers
That provide with top quality flower with a very wide range of flower variety
That will allow you as an importer to offer almost endless flower variety to your
Local market.

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In addition to the flowers We offer a wide range on foliage & Fillers that are the top
Choice for providing your clients with wholesale foliage  provider.


Flowers from israel

 Flowers from Israel Lisi-Double-Apricot    Lisi-Double-B-c--Blue    Lisi-Double-White    Lisi--Pink-Picolo    Lisi-Double-Champagne-(1)    Lisi-Double-Purple    pink    pink2    white    garbera-flowers-israel