Wax Flower from Israel

Gamla Flowers Israel - Wax Flower from Israel

Gamla flowers located in the center of the Sharon area , connected to the best Wax flower growers
and export a lot of Wax flowers in different packing demand , and different size of cartons ,
Gamla flowers export Ruscus  from top quality ruscus growers in Israel,
Gamla flowers also export a lot of gypsphila ( Gyps. Like gypsophila  Mirabella ,
 gypsophila  Million star and gypsophila  xlence from .
Phlox export from gamla flowers , we  have all year around very nice Phlox at winter very
heavy quality of all sort of phlox like phlox bright eye ,phlox ice cap , phlox naama , phlox red ,
phlox van goch - purple ,phlox amatist - lilach, phlox miss Fiona, Aspidistra – green aspidistra  

ISRAELI GYPSOPHILA GYPS MIRABELA | Gamla Flower Israel Flower Exporter


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