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Gamla Flowers Fillers and Foliage

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We offer a wide range on israel and non israel Flowers & Fillers that are the top Quality and
the best Choice for providing your clients with wholesale Flower variety with only the best of
quality, the best packaging and the fastest shipment and costumer service and reponse.

we provide our best Israeli flowers Fillers & Foliage on a daily basis to wide variety of leading markets 
such a europe North America.

Our Purchsing Department updates our local market providers and Flowers Growers
inventory and of course daily quality assesment in order to assure the you are 
reciving only our best quality cut Flowers & Fillers of your choise and in the best prices.

Our Cut flowers are provided with the best of quality that they can be delivered 
directly to the End client for retail ready purchasing

Lisi - Double Purple  
Israel Flower
Lisi . Double Champagne Israel Flower Lisi.Double Apricot
Israel Flower
Lisi. Pink Picolo Israel Flower
Lisi.Double White
Israel Flower
Lisi.Double B.c. Blue
Israel Flower
Anemone Red Israel Flower Anemone Blue Israel Flower
Helianthus - Sun Flowers Israel Flower Delphinium Belladona Israel Flower Campanula - Pink Israel Flower
Anthirinum Hot Pink
Israel Flower
LISIANTHUS Israel Flower Lilium - Osnat
Israel Flower