Israeli Pittosporum exporters

Israeli Pittosporum - Gamla Flowers

Gamla Flower provide service as a leading israeli exporter Cut flower Fillers & Israeli Pittosporum.

Our Israeli Offices  Based in central Israel Holds our operation and allows us to handle
massive quantities of flowers and deliver them world Wide.

Our Operations Department Holds a on Daily basis an inventorial check with all of our
flower Growers in israel that provide you on the best quality products including Pittosporum

This daily inventory check includes the range of Flowers Fillers & Foliage that are available 
to be shipped and time of delivry to your local market. 

In the daily inventory check we tag each and every crop for quality grade in order to make sure 
that the batch you recieve will be to your exact expectaions.

each and every batch is separately packed in special packaging dedicated to making sure your
flowers will be exported in the best posiible conditions, to make sure that all of our israeli flowers
will be received by you ready to be shipped to your local retail clients.

our specialty is in exporting Via Air Or shipping depending on the content of each and every delivery
making sure that when shipment is made you recieve only the best of our products.

we offer a wide range of Pittosporum ,this Foilage grows most of the year :
- January until June
- September untill December

In our Cut flower Foliage range you can find plants like

Asparagus – Mirocladios

Aspidistra – Elatior

Coculus –i

Edera (ivy )
Leuc.Gold strike
Leuc.Safari Sunset
Israeli Pittosporum

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